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    FEATURES Easy transportation and fast installation Durable, Leak-proof and long service life span Odourless and colourless effluent allows re-use of water for gardening. Less frequent dislodgement, virtually no maintenance Ideal...
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    FEATURES OF DURABLOCK Portable and economical Has a weight of 200kg/ 120kg when filled to recommended max level. Sand filled model also available for more permanent use. Reflective stickers for...
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    Plastic Canoe FEATURES OF DURABOAT Durable. Light weight and fast moving. Environmentally friendly - as little wood as possible. Virtually no maintenance. Multiple layers of plastic around the bow area...
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    Double Wall Plastic Inspection Chamber F1 – 600mm x 900mm x 1000mm | F2 – 800mm x 1500mm x 1200mm | F3 – 800mm x 2300mm x 1400mm All dimensions...
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    DuraFlex Pipe

    Double Wall Corrugated Pipe FEATURES FOR DURAFLEX Flexible and so can be bent around corners. Double corrugated wall makes pipe very durable and can withstand pressure.
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